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The Edison Democratic Organization (EDO) is governed by the elected Committeemen and Committeewomen who are accountable to the registered Democratic voters of the county. Those Committee members elect a Municipal Chair each year, and other officers. In turn, a salaried Executive Director and other officials are appointed by the Chair.

The Organization has adopted, and periodically reviews, a Constitution and By-Laws.

If you would like to volunteer to participate in any Democratic contest at any level of government, please contact our Organization at 732-707-1215 or via e-mail.

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Edison Democratic Organization 2021 Convention

Edison Democratic Organization 156 committee members endorsed Mahesh Bhagia for Mayor, Thomas McCann, Shannon Peng, and Sparshil for Council on Feb 24th 2021.



LD-18 Assembly Vacancy Appointment

Stanley Sterley from East Brunswick has become the first LD-18's South Asian to serve as LD-18 Assemblyman after being appointed to fill the vacancy on Jan 12th.